Collaborative trading benefits all

At ACT Commodities, we know that working together always brings the most beneficial solutions. This belief resonates through everything we do. From the way we gather and share knowledge to the attention we pay to providing all customers with comprehensive end-to-end trading service.

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Your market knowledge expert

Established in 2009, ACT Commodities was one of the first trading companies to specialize in environmental commodities. Since then we have accumulated an unrivaled wealth of knowledge in legislation, products, markets and logistics. And our sharp-eyed team are continuously assimilating new legislation and market developments as they happen.

Proactively sharing this with our customers is the key to everyone’s success. When you engage with ACT, you benefit from a complimentary consultative selling service which matches finger-on-the-pulse insight with your individual circumstances. We give you all the information you need to make wise decisions, so you have more time to focus on your day-to-day business.

We believe our rapid growth is due to having an all-round collaborative approach which enables everyone to benefit from our combined resources. Our team’s collective knowledge is shared among every trader, so every customer has access to the full extent of ACT’s market intelligence. With this, our expansive global network becomes yours, as does our logistical expertise and communal commitment to customer satisfaction.

The only trading counterparty you need

ACT Commodities is your one-on-one trading partner for all your environmental commodities needs. As traders, rather than brokers, we transact directly with all the buyers and sellers we deal with and take full responsibility for the agreements we make. Our independent role means we can provide the flexibility that makes your trading experience run smoother.
Unlike brokered transactions, whereby you may have to negotiate and work with many different counterparties, trading with ACT Commodities means you only ever have to deal with us. You therefore benefit from anonymity in the marketplace and the security of a single consistent relationship which saves you time, effort and worry.

Long-term partnerships are the foundation of our success. We’ve got to where we are by continually doing whatever it takes to keep every one of our buying and selling customers happy. From the financial security of guaranteed payment terms to ironing out any issues which may occur in product delivery, ACT Commodities eliminates obstacles between unfamiliar parties and provides you with a long-term partner you know you can trust.

Proactive end-to-end service

At ACT Commodities, we know you have better things to do than keep up with the markets and chase delivery of your products. That’s why we make it our job to do these things. As a customer of ours, we’ll proactively keep you informed about the developments which are relevant to you.
Whatever volume you need to buy or sell, we take on the task of matching your requirements by aggregating small volumes and dispersing large volumes. So you never have to worry about exactly fulfilling other counterparties’ needs.

After-sales service is integral to every deal we do. We pride ourselves on delivering a smooth, efficient and reliable experience that doesn’t diminish when a transaction is agreed. We take responsibility for delivery of physical products and, in the event of any issues, take the initiative in resolving them and finding ways to improve for the future.
We’re always here for you when you need us and respond quickly to being contacted. If you can’t get through to your agent immediately, you won’t have to wait long before they get back to you.

Our international team speaks your language

The ACT Commodities trading team originates from many different countries. This international composition underpins our global mindset and supports our ability to communicate with customers in their preferred language.
While English is used as standard, we are happy to work with you via our team members who are native speakers of various other languages.