Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.

As one of the world’s leading trading houses in the international environmental commodity markets, ACT Commodities offers exciting career opportunities to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have the talent, ambition and drive to succeed in our dynamic and complex market, we will give you all the knowledge and support needed to reach your highest potential.

“Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.” sums up the experience of working at ACT Commodities. We are all continuously learning, achieving and celebrating together. Each day presents an opportunity for us to reach new heights and gain fresh inspiration.

Learning at ACT involves deepening knowledge, broadening expertise and furthering personal development, which enables you to make a greater contribution to our collaborative efforts. This, combined with your personal value-add benefits each of your clients as you deliver attentive end-to-end service with ease and confidence.

Succeeding at ACT is continually expanding your expertise in the dynamic environmental commodities markets. Guided by strategic goals, our traineeship program fast-tracks your career by demonstrating our belief that personal development and satisfaction is as essential to employees’ success as professional skill set.

Celebrating at ACT is something we do together! Each employee contributes to our company’s success, ensuring everyone is reminded of how individual efforts boost the whole team’s performance.

Becoming an ACT Sales Trader

New sales traders at ACT Commodities participate in a challenging and in-depth Traineeship program, during which all the knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful trading business is acquired. This thorough learning and development program is tailored to every individual’s needs, so that all of the employees we invest in have the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential.

How our employees rate us


Would you like to discover the world of sales trading? Join us at one of our events! We organize several events during the year for students and young professionals. During these events you’ll learn more about sales trading but you will also get a chance to get to know ACT commodities, our business and most importantly meet our team!

ACT’s Events calendar 2018

16 May – FSA
In-house Day International Finance Days
This event is organised by FSA

23 May – ACT
Meet & Greet with the CEO and Sales Traders
Kick off at the office before we set sail towards the canals of Amsterdam
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30 May – B&R
Company Dinner Investment Week
This event is organised by B&R

What our employees say

Happy and motivated people are essential to our success. At ACT Commodities we pride ourselves on providing our employees with the right conditions to thrive. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Find out what our employees have said themselves.

Leaving your problems in the hands of an expert is what’s going to change your life for good

Energizing challenges in a productive social environment

Friendly team spirit helps us forge rewarding client relationships

Dynamic role in a company that invests well in its employees