Renewable energy

Use of renewable energy, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is an obligation for businesses in certain countries. It is also desirable for many others who want to operate in a more sustainable way for ethical and/or marketing purposes.

Electricity and gas produced from wind, solar, hydro and biomass sources is classed as renewable energy. Because these are fed into the same grids as fossil fuel energy, use can only be distinguished and claimed via purchase of relevant Green Certificates.

Green Certificates may be traded among countries which are relevant to each certificate type.

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How ACT Commodities serves you

ACT Commodities buys, sells and redeems renewable energy certificates from various different sources and qualifications. Our extensive market knowledge, experience, large client base and high volume of trading enables us to offer competitive pricing.  By providing full access to the green energy market, we help all kinds of clients achieve environmental targets and objectives.

Renewable energy compliance

Certain businesses operating within countries who have adopted the Kyoto protocol are obliged to use renewable and CO2-neutral energy. This can be achieved through purchase of relevant local certificates.

ACT Commodities trades renewable energy certifications for electricity and biogas which enable relevant businesses to fulfil compliance obligations.

Voluntary purchase of renewable energy

Businesses for whom CO2-neutral operation is desirable, for ethical and/or marketing purposes, can claim use of renewable electricity and gas through purchase of relevant certificates.

ACT Commodities trades renewable energy certifications which enable energy suppliers to resell electricity and gas as having been produced from renewable sources, and for businesses to fulfil voluntary objectives for environmentally friendly operation.