Voluntary carbon emissions offsetting

Everyday actions such as using electrical equipment, heating buildings, driving and flying result in emission of carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to climate change. These emissions can be compensated by purchase of carbon credits which fund investment in carbon reducing or carbon neutral projects, such as renewable energy from windfarms and hydro-plants.

ACT Commodities has access to a diverse range of carbon emissions certifications relating to projects all around the world. Our knowledgeable traders perfectly positioned to match corporate compliance or voluntary requirements with compatible certifications and projects.

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Consumers are increasingly turning to brands with environmentally-friendly credentials. Companies who want to appeal to this audience can purchase carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions and claim green operation. Certificates related to specific projects permit buyers to publicize themselves as contributing to those projects. Voluntary carbon credits can also be used to claim gas as CO2 neutral gas.

ACT Commodities trades carbon rights which enable businesses to fulfil voluntary objectives for environmentally friendly operation. VERs and CERs can be used by any company for carbon footprint offsetting.