Corporate greening

A green image is a powerful asset in today’s consumer markets. For many brands, having a low carbon footprint has become essential for remaining competitive. Corporate greening reduction can easily be achieved through using green energy and offsetting carbon emissions. ACT Commodities supplies appropriate products for businesses who want to operate in an environmentally friendly way.

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Reaching your environmental goals

Green electricity, biogas and CO2 emissions offsetting are readily available through purchase of appropriate voluntary certificates. Environmentally conscious brands who want a closer connection with green energy can choose to buy their supply directly from specific producers.
ACT Commodities trades a broad range of certificates which support environmentally friendly projects. These entitle relevant brands to be publicized as having a reduced or neutral CO2 footprint. We also facilitate direct offtake of green electricity and biogas via PPA and GPA agreements, which ensure providence of green energy supply from specific producers.

Corporate greening products

ACT Commodities trades certificates and can facilitate agreements for voluntary CO2 reduction products. These fall under the categories of renewable energy and carbon emissions.

Green electricity

Electricity produced from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydro.

CO2 certificates

CO2 certificates are used to offset carbon emissions from day-to-day activities. They can be applied to wide range of purposes, such as travelling and hosting events.

Guiding you through a world of environmental opportunities

At ACT Commodities, we guide you through the myriad of options an opportunities to help identify the best products for your needs. You’ll benefit from the patient attention of your personal account manager, the global finger-on-the-pulse knowledge of our large trading team, along with the trustworthy ethos which has secured our reputation among thousands of satisfied clients.

While our unrivalled breadth of portfolio means we can find the ideal solution for every requirement, our unique position of not having vested interests in any of the projects we trade with means we provide absolute impartiality. And because we are a truly global operation with a multi-national workforce, we can take care of your international needs in the language your people feel comfortable with.

  • Worldwide network

    We enable you to connect with projects all over the world

  • International team

    Our multi-national workforce speaks your language

  • Independent party

    We impartially match the right projects to your needs

  • High quality projects

    Credits issued by organizations such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the United Nations (UNFCCC)

  • Transparency

    Certificates are issued by and retired to public registries