Corporate Sustainability

An environmentally friendly image is a powerful asset for today’s businesses. For many organizations, a well-defined corporate sustainability strategy has become essential to remaining competitive.

ACT Sustainability offers organizations a wide range of products to help them reach their environmental goals and targets. Our products help them meet the criteria set forth by global environmental reporting and target-setting standards (i.e. GHG Protocol, GRI, RE100, Science Based Target, etc.).

The knowledge we possess across more than 35 environmental commodities, paired with global market access from our offices in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai, allow us to help any organization reduce its environmental impact in a simple and cost-effective way.

How do we come to the best sustainability solution for your organization? We start with three steps to tailor the best solution for your unique situation.

STEP 1: Understanding needs
We start with asking questions in order to understand the specific needs for your organization. For example: What are your sustainability goals and targets? Which reporting standards are important to you? What are you seeking to achieve through your sustainability program?

STEP 2: A tailor-made proposal
Based on your answers, we will create sustainable and cost-effective solutions. By working together closely and using our broad range of available products, we construct multiple options to meet the needs determined. This allows you to select the option that best fits with your strategy.

STEP 3: Execution of the proposal
We ascertain that your sustainability needs are met by executing the tailor made proposal and ensuring a smooth settlement of the transaction. This includes flexible settlement terms and delivery of redemption statements. We work closely together with your team to ensure that the delivery is in-line with all the needs of your organization and stakeholders.