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In many EU countries, governments require utilities and energy suppliers to achieve and report on energy savings. This is quantified through energy efficiency certificates that represent energy savings.

Energy efficiency certificates help you save energy and reduce energy costs. These energy savings come from initiatives such as installing more efficient boiler systems and using waste heat recovery to generate electricity across residential and industrial sectors. This is where we come in.

We help develop energy efficiency projects and help organizations fulfill their energy efficiency obligations. We create and supply energy efficiency certificates to organizations that need to hit regulatory compliance targets.

Regulatory compliance products

Meeting regulatory and climate

action needs with energy

efficiency certificates

Initiatives like the Energy Efficiency Directive are increasing pressure on organizations to reduce their energy consumption. In certain EU countries, energy efficiency regulations require some organizations to meet energy savings targets and pay penalties if these targets aren’t met. 

Purchasing energy efficiency certificates is one way for businesses to meet governmental energy efficiency requirements and take steps toward climate action goals.



energy efficiency


Meeting regulatory and climate action needs with energy efficiency certificates

We help our clients develop energy-saving projects that generate energy efficiency certificates, working with them every step of the way. With a dedicated team in France, we operate along the country’s entire energy efficiency value chain to develop these projects.

First, we act as consultants, closely monitoring regulation shifts and identifying every viable opportunity to generate certificates. Projects that create certificates include renovation projects that increase energy efficiency, like providing buildings and pipes with better insulation to retain heat, adding centralized air conditioning and lighting technical management systems to buildings, and converting traditional city lights to LEDs.

After we match efficiency products to clients, we ensure that their project plans meet all the applicable criteria, so they stay eligible for each relevant certificate. Once the project is done, we work with them and the public bodies responsible to file and create the certificates. Lastly, we buy those newly created certificates to help you monetize your energy savings.

White certificates

Achieving energy

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white certificates

Energy efficiency certificates, widely called White Certificates, certify that a certain amount of energy savings has been achieved through an energy savings project. They are used throughout Europe, mainly in France, Poland, and Italy.

Not only do we generate White Certificates, but we have also created the main market for purchasing and selling them to add further value to energy savings initiatives. As a leading originator and seller, we provide White Certificates to utilities and energy providers.

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Additional info

  • Making impact claims

  • Purchasing energy efficiency certificates, or White Certificates, and investing in energy-saving projects helps you hit sustainability targets and promotes your commitment to reducing energy consumption. It also highlights your organization as an advocate for climate action.

  • What we solve

  • Creating energy savings projects that generate White Certificates is complex and time-consuming. We help organizations develop energy savings initiatives and originate energy efficiency certificates, from initial opportunity scoping to issuing certificates.

    We also supply these certificates to organizations that want to use them to meet government-mandated targets. Our talented advisors in Paris combine certificate origination capabilities with our long-standing presence in certificate exchange markets. 

  • Key facts on products

  • We offer national energy efficiency certificates, or White Certificates, in many countries across Europe. We continuously expand our offering as more countries adopt White Certificate frameworks.

  • Impact

  • Investing in energy efficiency leads to less energy use globally and helps to build a better future for your organization and the world. By displacing fossil fuel usage and reducing energy use overall, we take steps toward mitigating the more harmful effects of climate change. Energy efficiency projects also cut energy costs, making them pragmatic on top of ecologically impactful. Since our founding, we’ve saved 193 TWh of electricity in France through White Certificates. That’s equal to 70% of the annual electricity consumption in France.