Environmental compliance

Maintaining compliance with environmental regulations can be a demanding task, requiring constant attention to ever-changing legislation and the status of your environmental compliance products. Naturally, you want to ensure your corporate obligations are met in the most time and cost-efficient way. ACT Commodities provides all the assistance you need to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance without over-burdening your own resources.

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Helping you cover your environmental obligation

As your environmental commodities trading partner, our consultative approach enables you to make well-informed decisions about which products to purchase and when to buy them. So you get the most appropriate products at the most advantageous price. Our environmental compliance consultants also guide you through internal management of your environmental commodities portfolio, helping you understand your position and maintain control of your strategy. This frees your people to focus on running your core business, safe in the knowledge your environmental obligation is covered.

Optimal application of our environmental compliance knowledge

ACT Commodities traders continuously keep watch on changing legislation, market movements and status of your portfolio so you can remain confidently compliant.

As one of the very first companies to trade environmental commodities back in 2009, ACT Commodities has accumulated an unrivaled breadth and depth of knowledge. Knowledge that we build on every day to ensure always up-to-date insight, which is shared among our team of traders and with all our clients.

We also take time to get to know your business, so we can match legislative requirements with your corporate obligations and ensure your environmental books are balanced. In a constantly shifting landscape, our collaborative approach to assimilating and applying knowledge ensures you maintain an optimal position.

Reliable service

With over 4,000 clients on our books, ACT Commodities has the largest customer base of any environmental commodities trader in the world. This breadth of network enables us to reliably fulfill every customer need to improve their environmental sustainability. Even for products for which there is no trading exchange.

Whatever the volume, whatever the spec, wherever the delivery, we can always find a way to match your requirements within the shortest possible time period. Dealing with so many counterparties means we have the flexibility to resolve any glitches, while our proactive approach means we do so before they become problems.

A trading partner you can trust

ACT Commodities purchases products direct from suppliers and sells direct to buyers. Our back-to-back trading process means we do not hold positions and do not speculate. We thereby remain completely impartial and do not exert influence on the market. Trading environmental compliance certificates and products is what we do on a daily basis, it is what we know best.

Because we are traders, not brokers, we buy and sell directly with all our clients. When you buy from or sell to ACT Commodities, you know exactly who you’re dealing with. You can be safe in the knowledge that the price, volume, delivery details, transaction conditions and payment terms we quote are exactly what you’re going to get.

Environmental Compliance Products

ACT Commodities trades environmental compliance certificates and physical products which can be used to satisfy environmental compliance. These include certificates for energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon emissions, as well as paper and physical products which can be used to fulfil petroleum blending obligations.

Energy efficiency – White certificates

White certificates can be used to balance energy efficiency obligation

Renewable energy – Green certificates

Use of renewable energy in the forms of green electricity and biogas can be achieved through purchase of relevant certificates.

Petroleum blending and CSO

Biodiesel and biotickets can be used to fulfil petroleum product blending obligations. We can also help enable Compulsory Stock Obligation (CSO).