Oil and petroleum products

The market surrounding oil and petroleum products also includes supply of biodiesel and biotickets for blending obligation, along with provisions for Compulsory Stock Obligation (CSO).

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Successfully delivering a broad suite of products

ACT Commodities is connected with an extensive global network of buyers and producers of petroleum fuels and biodiesel, which enables us to serve our large international client base with a broad spectrum of competitively priced products. Alongside various mineral fuels, we trade physical biodiesel and biotickets which can be used to satisfy blending obligation. Our suite of services is complemented with helping facilitate Compulsory Stock Obligation (CSO).
Thanks to our long-term relationships with the majority of European biofuel producers, petroleum companies, refineries and industrial end-users, we have both the knowledge to serve well and the ability to act fast in response to our clients’ diverse needs. At ACT Commodities we have a strong focus on satisfying our clients’ quality specifications, delivery requirements and payment terms.

Ensuring reliable quality

ACT Commodities is able to stabilize fuel availability by sourcing product from a large pool of suppliers. Our ability to aggregate volumes from around the world mitigates market volatility risk, which gives our customers access to reliable supply via a single point of contact.
We take full responsibility for the products we trade and proactively work to ensure satisfaction for our clients on both sides of the deal. Buyers can be confident of receiving specified quality and sellers are assisted, where necessary, in improving specifications.

Logistics and administration

Purchasing of physical fuels involves a lot more than agreeing a price and volume. At ACT Commodities, we also work hard to ensure products arrive at their destinations in a timely manner. We have an experienced logistics team who will happily take care of everything from customs clearance to delivery to the door. Our service can include arranging transport and all logistics services.

Harmonizing international relationships

As an experienced global operator, ACT Commodities is highly aware of the cultural differences which can sometimes lead to mismatched expectations. Bridging such gaps is all part of our customer service.

In addition to facilitating better communications through employing traders who originate from many different countries, we have the flexibility to accommodate differing payment policies. This enables each of our buying and selling customers to trade according to their own standard terms, instead of having to deal with discrepancies in counterparty policies.

For further information about our comprehensive customer service, see our Services page.