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Taking bold climate action to combat climate change is a priority for us all. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to help any organization achieve its climate goals on its journey to becoming more sustainable.

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Decarbonizing your organization
Streamline and simplify your climate action with
Agile and client-centric


The global

energy transition

The transition to a more sustainable world has already begun. Organizations are taking bold steps to align with the Paris Agreement’s ambition to limit warming to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Every year, more businesses are setting net zero emissions targets to balance the emissions they put into the atmosphere with the emissions they remove. A growing number of organizations have also set targets with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to prove and track their climate action success and keep their efforts aligned with the Paris Agreement.

We work closely with our clients to support their emission reduction and decarbonization processes, helping them navigate the complex sustainability landscape and choose the products that are right for them and their climate action strategy.

Decarbonizing your organization

Creating a

climate action





What are you trying to achieve by decarbonizing your organization?

Are you looking to be seen as a climate action leader?

Are you looking to make claims like net zero?

Are you looking to stay competitive?

It’s critical to answer this question first, as it will determine your strategy.



your emissions

To reduce your emissions, you need to understand where they come from and establish a baseline. 

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol has a framework for measuring your organization’s emissions.




After your goal has been set and you understand the source of your emissions, your organization can make changes to reduce them sustainably.



your emissions

To accelerate your de-carbonization, you can compensate your organization’s emissions through carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, and renewable gas certificates.

This helps your organization compensate its emissions while providing a financial incentive for climate projects worldwide and supports invenstments in renewable energy sources.



Once you’ve taken climate action to reduce your organization’s emissions and compensated for other unabated emissions, you can report your progress through the Carbon Disclosure Project.

We can help you make competitive claims to your stakeholders.

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Streamline and simplify your climate action with

Our services

  • Client education & knowledge sharing

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    We’ve been active in sustainability markets since 2009 and have created a wealth of knowledge we use to better serve our clients. Our strong regulatory advisory capabilities enable to guide our clients through selection, execution, and settlement processes based on their specific regional requirements.

  • Strategic sourcing & solution discovery

  • We understand our clients’ wishes so we can offer them structured solutions that meet their specific needs. They can consist of various products that can be combined, and our team of experts has the global reach in over 40 countries required for solutions to be tailor-made.

  • Market research & transaction structuring

  • We continuously keep track of developments and regulatory trends as we customize our market offerings to reflect them. This vigilance ensures our propositions fit - and keeps fitting - our client's specific needs. We readily share insights from our R&D department and maintain a strong focus on realizing maximal value in back-to-back transactions.

  • Relationship management & communication support

  • We believe in long-term relationships and continually reach out and get in touch with our clients and our broad network, notifying them of relevant trends, and sharing intel and market changes. We work with our clients to create the best strategies for communicating their efforts and achievements to stakeholders.

  • Ecological transition financing

  • Aligned with our client's objectives and market opportunities, we take an active role in saving energy and financing energy savings initiatives. We build awareness for our clients and help them fund energy efficiency projects. As experts in reducing energy consumption and creating value from these reductions, we help organizations in the French market facilitate their ecological transition.

Agile and client-centric

Our approach

We take a client-centric approach to deliver our tailor-made solutions. We commit to every client, meeting their needs and providing the support they need on their climate action journey. Our adaptable and agile approach allows us to adjust to changing markets and client needs, meaning our solutions are always cost-effective, and our knowledge and advice are always up to date and relevant.