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Regulatory needs
Voluntary corporate climate action
Initiatives targeting zero-emission shipping
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Partnering with

carbon and biofuels

market experts

ACT is the leading global provider of market-based sustainability solutions. We empower organizations in the maritime sector by offering a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable marine biofuels to help you drastically reduce the carbon emission of your fleet.

1. Get ISCC-certified biofuels specific to your needs directly to your ship through our in-house bunker supplier.

2. With storage facilities in major port hubs and control over the complete supply chain, you can count on us for the consistent and stable delivery of your sustainable fuels in the long term.

3. Capitalize on our competitive prices and ability to provide trial solutions starting from a few hundred tons to large amounts via our bunker barges.

4. Utilize our full-service bunkering in ports throughout the ARA region.

Regulatory needs

Addressing GHG

emissions with biofuels

Significant measures are being introduced to mitigate emissions from the maritime sector, such as the European Commission’s “Fit for 55” and the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) ‘Carbon Intensity Index’ (CII) regulation. These regulations oblige all shipping companies to achieve strict reduction targets.

Replacing fossil-based fuel with biofuel blends

Replacing traditional maritime fossil fuels, such as heavy fuel oil, with our easy-to-use drop-in biofuels (compatible with existing engines) reduces the greenhouse gas intensity of a ship’s fuel consumption.

Lowering your emissions with biofuels will not only improve your CII score but also minimize organization’s need to purchase EU ETS emission allowances.

Voluntary offsets

We provide high-quality voluntary carbon credits to our clients who want to take further climate action by offsetting their residual emissions while supporting meaningful, sustainable development initiatives all over the world.

Voyage Requirements
Voyage Requirements

As the EU ETS will also include the shipping sector in 2024, companies will need to provide enough allowances to cover all their ships’ carbon emissions for that year.

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Voluntary corporate climate action

Climate action in

the value chain

2021 brought tremendous growth in voluntary corporate climate action around the globe. There was exponential growth in Net-Zero targets and SBTi commitments.

Many major manufacturing organizations have made public commitments to decarbonize through CDP, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and RE100.

With evolving supplier requirements, many of these organizations are including emissions footprint in their supplier quality requirements.

As a result, tier, 1 supplier of these organizations is following suit by making their own decarbonization commitments.

Initiatives targeting zero-emission shipping

Cargo owners for

zero emission

In 2021, a non-governmental organization along with several climate-forward brands with large emissions footprints from shipping created a specific target to transition all of their shipping to vessels that use zero-carbon fuel by 2040. This is a very clear and public signal to shipping partners that these companies are actively seeking to decarbonize the maritime shipping industry.

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  • Why use our biofuels?

  • Our biofuels are easy-to-use drop-in fuels that drastically reduce your emissions. We offer biofuels made from sustainable waste streams that have a positive impact on the environment.

    Protect against future shortages. Secure a reliable long-term supply of biofuels so you can avoid being affected by any future scarcity and ensure your long-term compliance.

    Meet upcoming and existing regulatory requirements

    Achieve your sustainability goals by reducing your fleet's carbon footprint

  • Our additional services

  • Our dedicated teams stay current with all market trends and continually search for and create innovative solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the curve

    • Provide you with Emission Allowances and procurement strategies aligned with your budget and specific needs.

    • Help you navigate the IMO’s 'Carbon Intensity Index’ (2023), EU ETS (2024), and Fuel EU Maritime compliance mechanism (2025).

    • Provide you with data models for well-to-tank and tank-to-wake emissions for single ships or entire fleets.

  • EU-ETS Experts

  • In 2018, when the European Union enacted new regulations to increase control over trading emissions allowances, we saw the perfect opportunity to develop a more complete offering: we created ACT Financial Solutions ACT Financial Solutions provides emission allowances for shipowners and operators to meet new maritime regulations. Our experts help you navigate allowance markets so that you can meet regulatory requirements in a timely and cost-effective way. We offer tailor-made and flexible hedging solutions built specifically for your business model and situation to optimize your strategy.

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