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ACT's sustainable biofuels
Hit your regulatory targets
Voluntary corporate climate action


Partnering with experienced sustainability experts

We empower organizations in the maritime sector to take climate action by offering sustainable biofuels, services, and products to help them drastically reduce the carbon emissions of their fleets and help them hit their climate targets. As more businesses look to reduce their transportation and distribution emissions and implement supplier quality requirements, sustainable shipping businesses also gain a competitive advantage.

Our solutions for the maritime sector include providing:

1. Sustainable biofuels specific to your business needs, including ISCC-certified biofuels. Biofuels can reduce a vessel’s CO₂ emissions by up to 90%, lowering the number of Emission Allowances (EUAs) you need to purchase to achieve compliance. 2. EUAs for shipowners and operators via our in-house MiFID-II licensed investment firm ACT Financial Solutions. Our European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) experts can help you navigate allowance markets so that you can meet regulatory requirements in a timely and cost-effective way.

3. Full-service bunkering in ports throughout the ARA region. 

4. High-quality carbon credits for clients who want to take further climate action by neutralizing their residual emissions while supporting meaningful, sustainable development initiatives all over the world. 

ACT's sustainable biofuels

Make the switch to sustainable biofuels confidently and efficiently

With ACT, shipowners can future-proof their fleet by switching to biofuels easily and without disrupting their business. We are a reliable supplier for both short and long-term commitments.

Our biofuels are:

1. Easy-to-use drop-in fuels. They can be used in existing machinery and do not require any changes in the vessel’s engines.  

2. Positively impacting the environment, as they are made from sustainable waste streams. This means that their creation causes no land loss or water usage. 

3. Reliable and consistent. With storage facilities in major port hubs and control over the complete supply chain, you can count on us for the consistent and stable delivery of your sustainable fuels in the long term and protect against future shortages.  

 4 Competitively priced, and we can provide you with trial solutions via our bunker barges. 

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Hit your regulatory targets

Hit your regulatory targets

Significant measures are being introduced to decarbonize the maritime industry and progress towards net zero, such as the European Union’s expansion of the EU ETS to cover international shipping and the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation. To meet EU ETS regulations, maritime shipping companies will have to purchase European Emission Allowances (EUAs) or face consequences. ACT Financial Solutions, ACT's in-house MiFID-II licensed investment firm, is dedicated to ensuring you meet your new EU ETS obligations and explore the most suitable compliance strategies. They have the market experience and expertise to offer you the needed support in the procurement of EUAs and hit compliance targets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Maritime - Regulatory Update blog post CTA
The EU ETS and the Maritime Sector

Learn more about the inclusion of the shipping industry in the European Emissions Trading System and what it means for your organization.

Regulatory update

Voluntary corporate climate action

Climate action beyond your value chain

We provide high-quality voluntary carbon credits for organizations who want to take further climate action by offsetting their residual emissions while supporting meaningful, sustainable development initiatives all over the world.

Verified Emission Reductions

VERs (Verified Emission Reductions) certify the reduction, avoidance, or removal of CO2 and other GHG emissions from high-impact climate projects. Every VER represents one metric ton of CO2 equivalent emissions.

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