Alessio Di Credico

Friendly team spirit helps us forge rewarding client relationships

Friendly team spirit

I still remember the first day I visited ACT for my job interview. When I opened the door to the trading floor I immediately sensed the high and positive energy. Working at ACT means working in a great atmosphere within a great team. My market focus is trading renewable energy and Energy Efficiency Credits in the Italian market. I don’t consider my colleagues as co-workers, but see us more as a group of friends. We help each other out and if you have any questions everybody is more than happy to help you.

Rewarding client relationships

Every day is a new challenge, my mind is always busy thinking about new strategies and how these can be adjusted to meet clients’ wishes. One of ACT’s key aims is to provide added value by finding unique ways of doing business which prioritize client benefits. Our contribution to reaching of environmental goals is first and foremost about dealing with people. We value our client relationships highly, doing business in way that is not so much about price, but about sincere relationships based on trust. In the future I would like to contribute to expanding ACT’s business. We have a strong focus on current results and at the same time the management is always curious and willing to listen to new ideas and to think ahead.