Juan Hernandez

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Name: Juan Carlos Hernández Rodríguez
Position: Sales Trader, Oil & Petroleum desk
Age: 25
Origin: Valladolid, Spain
Education: Bachelor’s degree Business Administration & Management, University of Valladolid
Joined ACT Commodities: July 2016

How did you come to work for ACT?
In the final year of my degree, I went on an exchange program to Australia. After I finished my studies I looked for the best place to start my career as a trader. In the Netherlands you have this work-life balance which is difficult to find in other places.

I searched online for trading jobs in Amsterdam requiring Spanish and, as fortune had it, a vacancy for a Spanish trader at ACT showed up! Unfortunately when I wanted to apply, the vacancy was already filled. I decided to send an open application anyway and ACT eventually took me on not just for my Spanish skills, but for the way I generally fitted their requirements for a sales trader.

What was the interview process like?
It was pretty intense. There were interviews with HR and the desk manager, an online talent analysis and I had to put together a business case. At the time it seemed crazy. But now I completely understand why. ACT’s recruitment process is designed to identify the people who are a good long-term match for the company. There is a very low turnover of employees and that’s really good for everybody’s morale.

What was the traineeship like?
It didn’t really feel like a training program, I got involved with the actual job right from the first day. The training sessions on different topics were mixed in with the work. So there was plenty of variety and opportunities to put learning into practice. I really appreciated having regular feedback meetings which showed me where and how to improve.

What do you like most about coming to work at ACT each day?
You get to know your clients really well after a few months. Most of the clients I work with are really experienced players in the market. We work together to get the max of the business but at the end of the day you build strong friendships, you get to know them at a personal level.

Besides that there are 2 pillars: environment and growth.
Colleagues from all around the world, young, fresh and with that friendly competitive touch. You have to get surrounded by people that remind you of your future and you can definitely find that within ACT.

Opportunities and growth: ACT gives you the freedom to do what you’re good at and explore your possibilities.