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A world where sustainability is no longer just an ambition – where every organization has the tools to take climate action

We empower organizations worldwide to take climate action and achieve their sustainability goals – no matter how ambitious. As your partner in the global energy transition, you can count on our expertise, extensive knowledge, and comprehensive product portfolio to help you take decisive climate action.


Climate action

Climate action matters

We operate at the intersection of commerce and sustainability, enabling the pursuit of climate action and its success. Seismic shifts are required across operations and value chains to make this change possible. It's time to commit to change together.

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We help clients across the world achieve impact their way. With our international teams and expertise, we’ve contributed to a more sustainable world.


Sustainability products


Clients worldwide (and growing)

48 M tons

CO2 offset in 2022


Languages spoken across 5 global offices

1 TWhc

Saved in 2022 - Equivalent to the annual energy usage of more than 71,000 households in Europe

168 TWh

Renewable energy supplied in 2022 – Equivalent to almost 4% of the US energy consumption

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Our solutions drive change. We offer tailor-made products and services that fit all your sustainability needs.


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