Responsible Agricultural Sourcing

Our products empower organizations with complex agricultural supply chains to make a transparent and meaningful impact at a farm level. They enable organizations of all sizes to facilitate responsible and sustainable agricultural practices by providing the economic support farmers need to implement them. By leveraging our products, you can cement your position as an ESG leader in your sector and demonstrate your commitment and values to customers.

Increased transparency at a farm level

Through our trusting and longstanding relationships with the farmers in our network, we can provide you with details that enhance the transparency of your impact and support your ESG communication efforts. In addition, we can ensure the impact you're making is regionally relevant and optimized for your needs, challenges, and the unique cultures of the farmers you partner with.

Impact where it matters most

To further your organization’s impact, we align your investment with the regions and the farms where your backing is most needed. Your support can help those that are at high-risk for deforestation, biodiversity loss, workers' rights issues, unsafe working conditions, and inequality, helping to drive positive environmental, social, and global impact where it matters most.

Define your impact

Partner with dedicated environmental experts

By partnering with leading industry bodies you can make an economic impact at farms that produce a wide variety of commodities, like sustainable soy, sugar, and palm oil, in various regions worldwide.

The close relationship we have with our partners and network of farmers ensures you can access operational details about the farms and the initiatives you support, as well as see the direct impact of your contributions.

Communicate your ESG efforts

Effectively tell the story of your ESG contributions to customers and stakeholders with impact reports. With every purchase you’ll receive a comprehensive report that highlights precisely what action has been taken on the farms you invested in.

Tailor your impact

Through our regenerative agriculture and sustainability expertise, we ensure our tailor-made projects meet your organization’s unique needs and that the impact you make is tangible, transparent, and meaningful. Our dedicated agricultural commodity strategists can help you navigate complex global markets, including trends, policies, products, and sourcing tools to ensure you reach your sustainability goals, no matter how ambitious.

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