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Cookie Statement ACT Commodities

In this statement we tell you which cookies are placed via the website ACT Commodities Group B.V., established at Strawinsklylaan 3127 (1077 ZX) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (“ACT Commodities”) is the party responsible for placing cookies.

What are cookies?

We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted together with the pages of this website and stored by your browser on your computer, telephone or other device. The information it contains may be sent back to our servers the next time you visit our website.

About cookie consent

We want to provide you, as visitor to our website, with the best possible user experience. For this purpose, we make use of cookies. Below we tell you which cookies these are. We always place essential cookies and cookies from Google Analytics. For all other cookies, we ask for your consent. If you do not want your data to be stored through these cookies, you may simply click on ‘no, rather not’ in the cookie banner.

Which cookies do we place?

We place the following cookies:

  • essential cookies: Google Tag Manager and Wordpress multilingual plugin

  • analytical cookies: Google Analytics, Hotjar, LinkedIn Analysis

  • ad/tracking cookies: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Custom Audience, DoubleClick

  • social media cookies: Facebook Connect [youtube?]

Essential cookies

ACT Commodities makes use of essential cookies to remember your settings and preferences. These are Google Tag Manager and Wordpress multilingual plugin. We always place these cookies.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to monitor and analyse the use and performance of our website.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies and anonymise the information measured by it. Your IP address is stored anonymously and the last octet of the IP-address is masked. We do not share data with Google and are not using other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookie. We always place this cookie.


We also make use of Hotjar cookies in order to know which sections of our website are accessed and which links are clicked. With the help of the information collected by these cookies we are able to analyse what takes place on the website. This helps us to improve the website. This cookie is placed during each visit to a page containing the Hotjar code. The cookie contains a unique identifier (UUID) that makes it possible to track the same visitor over several pages and sessions. For more information please see the Hotjar privacy statement. We only place this cookie if you have given your consent.

LinkedIn Analytics

We also make use of LinkedIn analytics to compile user statistics and to understand how visitors (either from LinkedIn or elsewhere) use our website.We only place this cookie if you have given your consent.

Social media cookies

Our website contains buttons with which web pages may be liked or shared on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. These buttons operate by means of tiny codes provided by Facebook and LinkedIn. Cookies are placed by means of these codes. Please see the privacy notices of Facebook and LinkedIn (which are subject to change) if you would like to know more about what they do with your (personal) data they process via these cookies. The collected information is made anonymous to all possible extent and transferred to and stored by Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ad/tracking cookies

With your consent, tracking cookies are placed by our website that are used for advertising purposes. These cookies collect information about your browsing activities. Based on this information a profile is compiled that allows personalised ads to be shown to you, based on your preferences. These cookies are provided by third parties, who thereby gain insight in the websites you have visited (or rather which websites are visited using your device). This information is not only collected on our website, but on other websites as well. The profile compiled on the basis of your browsing activities is not linked to your name, address or email but is solely used to adapt ads to your profile in order to make them as relevant to you as possible. The following tracking cookies are placed:

LinkedIn Ads

This cookie stores such information as which LinkedIn users visit the website, which pages they visit, etc. In addition, the behaviour of these users is tracked after they see or click on a LinkedIn ad. In this manner LinkedIn assesses the efficacy of its ads. The pixel allows us to show visitors to our website an ad on the LinkedIn platform.

For more information about what LinkedIn does with your (personal) data obtained via these cookies, please see the LinkedIn Privacy Notice (which is subject to change).

Facebook Custom Audience

The Facebook Custom Audience cookie allows us to show you personalised ads and show visitors to our website an ad on Facebook.For more information about what Facebook does with your (personal) data obtained via these cookies, please see the Facebook Privacy Notice (which is subject to change).

Double Click

Finally, we place Double Click cookies. Double Click is a cookie offered by Google that ensures that you do not repeatedly get to see the same ad. For more information about what happens with your (personal) data obtained via these cookies, please see the Google Privacy Notice (which is subject to change).

Deactivate or block cookies?

We always ask your consent before we place cookies (with the exception of essential cookies and the Google Analytics cookie, which we always place). If you wish to withdraw your consent, please check the help function of your browser, or read the explanation by clicking on the browser that you use below:

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation you have several rights regarding your personal data that we collect. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information about your rights and how you may exercise them.