Meet With Our Experts in Person

As achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement will take a global effort, we attend events all over the world so we can provide our services and expertise to as many organizations as possible. So, no matter where your organization is based, there is a good chance ACT is at an event near you.

10-11 July

Mobility Energyear 2024

Join ACT Group at the inaugural Energyear Mobility Congress, taking place in Madrid, Spain. This premier event is designed as an exclusive platform for the most influential professionals in the sustainable mobility sector across Europe.

Hector Aguillera will represent ACT Group and participate in a pivotal round table discussion. Hector will introduce the concept of White Certificates to the transportation sector, showcasing how they can drive energy efficiency and sustainability.

7-9 October

GAZELEC Congress 2024

The 2024 edition of the GAZELEC Congress, a key event for energy buyers and suppliers in France, offers you a comprehensive overview of the strategies, perspectives, and opportunities related to developments in gas and electricity.

📍 Paris, France

To learn more about innovative alternatives to PPAs, join the business session Repenser le Marché des Garanties d'Origine : Des Alternatives Innovantes aux PPAs, on October 8th, from 13:55 presented by Hugo Biegle.

21-25 October


European Biomethane Week 2024

Join the ACT Commodities team at the European Biomethane Week 2024, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, from 21 to 25 October. This prestigious event is essential for producers, users, investors, and legislators dedicated to advancing biogases across Europe.

Zuzana Vrbova, Team Lead R&D EU for Energy and Sustainability at ACT Group, will be in attendance. With her expertise and insights, she will contribute to the discussions shaping the future of the biogases industry.

Don't see us at the event you're looking for? If you’re attending an industry-related event and want to connect with one of our experts but don’t see it listed above, reach out so we can discuss possibilities!

Past Events

1-3 July

I-RECEnergy Attribute CertificateLATAM

I-REC Standard Conference (ISC) 2024

As we gather for ISC2024, this event provides the best platform for exchanging expert knowledge on tracking and attribute markets, and the use of I-REC(E) around the world.

📍 São Paulo, Brazil

Join ACT's Director of Environmental Markets – LATAM, Patricio Ortiz, speaking in session 4A: "I-REC Growth in Emerging Markets" on the 2nd of July 2024 (conference day 1). This session will review growth trends in these new markets from both the supply and demand perspectives, introduce key stakeholders, and describe some market mechanisms that are creating success stories in emerging markets.

12-13 June

Scope 3Supply ChainNET ZERO

The Scope 3 Innovation Forum

As we gather for this climate conference, the focus is on practical actions businesses can take to tackle Scope 3 emissions. Over two days, it brings together a global audience of cross-industry experts for genuine debate, discussion, and progress.

📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join Chiara Feldberger speaking at the breakout session "Engaging SMEs in Scope 3: How to Drive Collaboration and Break Down the Barriers to Action" at 15:00 - 15:45, 12th June.

7 June

Carbon Pricing Low-Carbon Economy Sustainability


The event, "How Your Business Can Prepare for a Low-Carbon Future," will address the need for structural changes in the global economy to shift to a low-carbon model, as highlighted by the 2014 Paris Climate Agreement. It will focus on carbon pricing as a key mechanism for regulating emissions, holding emitters accountable, and encouraging clean development and innovation.

📍 Singapore

Federico Di Credico, Managing Director Asia Pacific at ACT Group, will be a speaker and moderator. Attendees will learn about carbon pricing fundamentals, various instruments, and solutions.