We enable the global energy transition

We make climate action happen for organizations all over the world.

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Our mission
Our story

Our mission

Enabling a

sustainable economy

We provide market-based environmental solutions. As market leaders in emissions, renewable fuels, renewable energies, and energy efficiency markets, we empower our clients to accomplish their climate action goals with our extensive and growing product and service portfolio.

Servicing our clients

We're committed to our clients, meeting their needs by leading them through the entire process of selection, execution, and settlement. Choosing an agile and international approach, our diverse and expert business development teams offer a comprehensive and worldwide product portfolio.

Growing a network and presence

We’ve created the broadest network in the market, and it’s growing every day. Having fostered local market knowledge for years, we’re able to better help our clients worldwide. Our business development teams represent over 40 nationalities, allowing us to communicate effectively within local markets. We work hard to build meaningful relationships and aim to get the most out of every transaction.

Offering full-service solutions and extensive expertise

We offer a complete spectrum of services to meet all compliance requirements and voluntary needs. We have deep domain knowledge, a global network of renewable energy suppliers and climate action project developers and are active in shaping legislation. We are a one-stop-shop, backed by unparalleled know-how.

Practicing responsibility

As proud market leaders, we take responsibility for the health of the industry, and we advise legislative bodies on standards and best regulatory practices. We're committed to continuously working to improve industry standards.

Our story

Iconic Moments

in ACT history

Founding ACT
Founding ACT 2009

In response to the creation of the EU ETS, we become one of the first players in the market. We begin helping clients hit their environmental targets from our modest canal-side office in Amsterdam.

Entry into Energy Efficiency
Entry into energy efficiency

We deploy our first tailor-made portfolio of products to help our growing client base ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.

New partnership

The investment company Antea becomes our first partner, which significantly accelerates our growth.

Entry into Renewable Fuels
Entry into renewable fuels

We enter the biofuels and oleochemical markets.

New office in San Francisco

Our first US office opens in California’s Silicon Valley.

Buy back

Our founders buy back Antea’s stake.

Move to New York
move to NYC

We move our US office to New York City to make an impact from the heart of commerce.

New office in Shanghai
New partnership- Shanghai

We open our third global office to expand our reach.

New partnership
New Partnership

Three Hills Capital Partners joins as our newest partner.


ACT Commodities and ACT Financial Solutions de-merge to become two separate entities.

New office in Paris
New office in Paris

We open our second European office in Paris to enter the primary market in White Certificates.

Bridgepoint Deal

ACT welcomes Bridgepoint as a minority investor, valuing ACT at $1BN and helping us take a leading role in the global energy transition.




InhouseEmployee AboutUs

Our teams comprise industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, and first movers in environmental markets. They’re collaborative, innovative, and committed.

We have career opportunities all over the world.

Meet our expertsExplore our vacancies


Bolder solutions to

sustainability challenges

Renewable energy certificates

Renewable energy certificates (RECs)


Through RECs, we have sourced 724 TWh of renewable energy for corporate sustainability pledges. That’s equivalent to 18% of the annual power generation in the US.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency


With the energy efficiency certificates we’ve sourced, we’ve saved 193 TWh of electricity in France. That's equivalent to the final energy usage of more than 13 million households in Europe.

Carbon Credit

Carbon credits


Via carbon credit sourcing, we have offset 120 million tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. That’s comparable to carbon sequestration from 633,000 km2 of forest.

Direct & indirect emissions

Direct & indirect emissions


Through sourcing emissions, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and fuel products, we’ve reduced 369 million tCO2e. That’s equivalent to the annual carbon production of Italy.

Our corporate social responsibility

As a business at the forefront of the global energy transition, we believe in enabling social, cultural, and environmental impact on an impressive scale. We help organizations transform responsibility into action and support sustainable development projects and initiatives across the world.

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