We Are ACT

The leading global provider of market-based sustainability solutions.

Since the beginning of the global transition towards a low-emissions economy, we’ve helped organizations all over the world hit their sustainability targets and achieve their climate action goals with our end-to-end and comprehensive offering of tailor-made solutions. Through our commitment to integrity and dedication to enabling climate action, we’ve earned our status as a CDP Gold Accredited Provider of environmental solutions.

We shape environmental markets

As board members, members, and partners, we work to continuously improve industry standards and best practices by sharing our expertise with leading global organizations such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, CDP, CIPC, CPLC, IETA, ICROA, IETA, TSVCM, ADBA, RECS Energy Certificate Association and the World Biogas Association.

We take

climate action

In addition to the climate action our work empowers, we also take steps to address our own emissions. For example, our office buildings meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and are powered by 100% renewable energy, and the renewable biofuels we provide to our clients are made from sustainable waste streams that have a positive impact on the environment.         

We drive 


Even though our work supports meaningful sustainable development all over the world, we have long believed in making direct impact where it counts the most. We focus our work through an on-going partnership with the Plan International organization. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of youths from marginalized communities in Ecuador receive the education and tools they need to create a happy, healthy, prosperous, and environmentally sustainable life for themselves and their families.  

Our Story

A proven history of

innovation & growth


ACT is founded

In response to the creation of the EU ETS, we become one of the first players in the market. We begin helping clients hit their environmental targets from our modest canal-side office in Amsterdam.


Entry into Energy Efficiency

We deploy our first tailor-made portfolio of products to help our growing client base ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.


New partnership

The investment company Antea becomes our first partner, which significantly accelerates our growth.


Entry into renewable fuels & opening of our USA office
Entry into Biofuels

We enter markets in relation to the production and sales of biofuels for land and maritime transport.

Opening of our USA office

We enter the rapidly growing North American market.



Our founders buy back Antea’s stake.


Move to New York

We move our US office to New York City to make an impact from the heart of commerce.


Shanghai office & ACT Financial Solutions
Opening of our Shanghai office

We enter the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Introduction of ACT Financial Solutions

We open a dedicated firm focused on regulated financial products under MiFID II.


New office in Paris

We open our second European office in Paris to enter the primary market in White Certificates.


Bridgepoint & Golden Arrow
Bridgepoint becomes a partner

ACT welcomes Bridgepoint as a minority investor, valuing the company at over USD1B.

Acquired Golden Arrow

We help our partners achieve their net zero shipping goals by providing renewable biofuels and low-carbon alternative fuels creating a more sustainable maritime industry.


Singapore Office & Climate Action Projects
Opening of our Singapore office

We expand our reach in the APAC region and the fast-growing Asia-Pacific markets.

Offering climate action projects as a service

We begin designing and developing high-impact climate action projects to amplify our impact and serve our partners better.


Acquired Green Project Technologies

We expand our services to help clients account, manage, and report their emissions through an ESG data management platform, making us an end-to-end climate journey partner.


We can help you

accelerate your career

We strive to create an equitable, inspirational, supportive, collaborative, and fun working environment for every member of our rapidly growing global team to succeed in personally and professionally. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to make individual and global impact, and are ready to take your career to the next level, explore our careers site.

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