End-To-End Decarbonization

Continuously taking action to decarbonize your organization until you reach net zero emissions is a challenge — but it's a challenge our end-to-end solutions are designed to meet. From goal setting to emissions accounting, reduction, managing, offsetting, and reporting, we can help your business on each step of its climate journey using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s best practices.

Step 1

Set Your Goals

Although every organization will have a unique climate journey, every organization will take that same first step – setting their goals. We can help you understand your near and long-term climate goals, how to achieve them, and even submit targets to leading global frameworks like the Science-Based Target initiative. Whether your goal is to earn an environmental leadership position in your industry, reach net zero, improve investor metrics, or simply stay competitive – we can help you benchmark against industry peers and set it.

Step 2

Understand Your Emissions

In order to reduce your emissions, you need to calculate your total footprint and understand where they’re coming from. Our solutions enable you to efficiently calculate your emissions across categories to gain a complete, detailed, and centralized picture and include bringing transparency to challenging emissions sources like those originating within your supply chain or portfolio companies.

Step 3

Reduce Your Emissions

The most important step for every organization on its climate journey is taking action to directly reduce its emissions. We can help your organization decarbonize by sourcing renewable energy, renewable and sustainable biofuels, and biomethane or renewable natural gas on a global scale. Our experts can help you navigate these markets and create and execute a strategy tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Step 4

Offset your Emissions and make an Impact

To complement your decarbonization efforts, we can provide you with high–quality carbon credits to offset your unreduced emissions and support meaningful sustainable development as you progress toward your long-term goals. We can also help you reach your plastic and biodiversity stewardship goals through high-quality plastic and biodiversity credits that fund recycling innovation, environmental clean-up projects, and the restoration and preservation of plant and animal life in all its forms.

Step 5

Report Your Emissions

The last step in your on-going decarbonization process is to measure and report its progress towards achieving its long-term emissions reduction targets. Our solutions enable your organization to streamline this process with centralized measuring and automatic report generation - formatted and ready-to-deliver to major disclosure frameworks like CDP.