Amazonia Nativa 

Afforestation Project

A holistic, science-driven forestry project near the Colombian Amazon blends the planting of native hardwood trees and açaí palms, revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities.

Commit to the Planet

At ACT, we support organizations in reaching their net-zero goals by developing comprehensive climate mitigation and adaptation projects that generate carbon credits. As a trusted partner with 15 years of carbon market expertise, we offer a flexible partnership with a tailored approach to match your organization’s needs.

Our team of dedicated experts work with local partners and project stakeholders to create sustainable ecosystems that benefit people, biodiversity, and the environment. By working with us, you contribute to a long-lasting, high integrity project while demonstrating a commitment to local capacity building and environmental stewardship.

Secure your carbon credit supply

Investing in Amazonia Nativa offers your organization a way to:

  • Enhance its carbon credit portfolio with high-impact credits from a science-backed project.
  • As a long-term offtaker stepping in early, you can secure pricing, thereby mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations while ensuring stability in your carbon credit.
  • Gain influence over the project strategies.
  • Establish a position of leadership in sustainability while recognizing nature-based carbon removal projects as a solution toward mitigating climate change.

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The Project’s Mission

Large areas of the project region, situated on the border of the Colombian Amazon, have been transformed from native grasslands and/or gallery forest into low-productivity pasturelands for cattle or agricultural activities, leading to land degradation and soil erosion.

The Amazonia Nativa project is set to plant an area of up to 20,000 hectares with a mix of native species consisting of hard wood trees and acai palms, which will establish alternative, sustainable business models with local communities.

How do we do this?

This project design will lead to a flow of funds to the local community from carbon monetization, combined with income generation from açaí berries and – in the long run – from selective hardwood harvesting. This provides more economic benefits than current land uses such as cattle ranching, incentivizing the transition away from unsustainable practices. Additionally, there are long-term positive environmental benefits to growing a vibrant forest cover, including increasing capacity for carbon sequestration and reducing erosion.

Pilot Phase Overview

ACT has designed the carbon program and provided bridge funding to catalyze the project’s development. The beginning of the pilot phase was successfully launched in collaboration with financiers FMO, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank, and IFU, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, and the project’s local forestry implementation and operational manager, Campo Capital. Through this phase we aim to achieve by 2025:

  • Planting on 550 hectares with 7 native species of flora, including açaí palms and hardwood trees
  • Certification of the Amazonia Nativa Project at the Gold Standard registry

By completing the pilot phase, the following impact can be achieved over the lifetime of this project:

  • 600,000 trees planted
  • 250,000 tCO2e removed from the atmosphere
  • 25,000 cubic meters of sustainably harvested timber produced
  • 250 tons of acai berries harvested

Additionally, we plan to create 40 new jobs that offer fair working conditions while showcasing the long-term viability of planted forest management with native species for both the environment and the economy.

But the pilot phase is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together.

Scale-up Phase: Expanding & Amplifying Impact With Your Investment

What the expansion of the Amazonia Nativa Project the forecasted impact looks like:

  • 36x increase in tree planting
  • 32x increase in CO2 removal
  • Substantial increase in sustainable timber and acai berry production
  • Expanding employment opportunities to include up to 20x the current job availability

For the scale-up of Amazonia Nativa, ACT will:

  • Structure the finance necessary to achieve expansion.
  • Lead project certification and lifetime oversight.
  • Manage and retire the generated carbon credits on your behalf.

Supporting Four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) - The project enhances sustainable acai palm cultivation, aiming to transform 20 ha into productive land by mid-2025 and expand to 1500 ha by 2029. This not only boosts food production but also strengthens resilience against climate challenges, supporting the improvement of land and soil quality essential for sustainable food systems.

SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) - With the commitment to generate 40 new jobs by mid-2025 and scale up the employment opportunities 20 times over the project lifetime, this project is a catalyst for Decent Work and Economic Growth.

SDG 13 (Climate Action) - This project has set a target to plant 550 ha of trees by mid-2025, ramping up to a bold 7,500 ha by 2054. This is anticipated to sequester up to 12,873 tCO2e by mid-2025, scaling to a potential 3.4 million tCO2eq by 2054, thus making a tangible impact on reducing atmospheric CO2 levels.

SDG 15 (Life on Land) – Our project has set goals to conserve 550 ha by mid-2025, and to restore and sustainably manage 4,000 ha of forests by 2054. By utilizing our science-backed conservation and afforestation methods, this project aims to promote biodiversity and safeguard our ecosystems for future generations.

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