Develop Your Energy Efficiency Project

Increasing the energy efficiency of your buildings, systems, and our cities plays a critical role in reducing global emissions. As an official Energy Savings Certificate program delegate in France, we can help you develop a project that improves energy performance and monetizes your climate action.  

Partnering with official program delegates

As the Energy Savings Certificate program is a government initiative, it plays a major role in project development. By following best practices, ensuring the integrity of our projects, and being a reliable project development partner to our clients, we earned our delegation status from the French government. This status enables us to offer you more opportunities and direct and streamlined communication with program authorities for faster and more agile project development processes.

Ensuring your project’s success with our legislative expertise

For your energy efficiency project to generate energy savings certificates and benefit from their sales revenue within the program, it must meet complex and changing requirements. Our experts diligently track policies to ensure your project is and remains eligible and handle all the applications, paperwork, and processes on your behalf.

How can we help you develop an energy efficiency project?

Reach out to our experts to discover how we can help you get started on a developing a new project today.

Relying on our end-to-end project support

From helping you identify a project opportunity to certificate issuance, we offer end-to-end project support. Once a viable project has been determined, we provide financing, project management, administrative services, and a vast network of reliable contractors and suppliers to execute it efficiently. With hundreds of successful projects completed for businesses, hospitals, and municipalities all over France, your project will be in the hands of an experienced and proven team.

Leveraging project financing and monetizing your climate action

We offer robust, flexible, and reliable financing to help you turn your project idea into a reality. Once your project is implemented successfully and generates certificates, we purchase them from you to help our many long-standing clients achieve their compliance goals.