Develop Your Energy Efficiency Project

Developing your own energy efficiency project means you can hit your climate targets while saving money and increasing profits in the process. For every kWh your project saves, you’ll generate one CAE to sell to obligated parties – increasing your building’s efficiency while achieving partial or total return of the investment in the project.                 

Why develop an energy efficiency project with ACT? 

We guide you from the initial discovery of a project through to the issuance of certificates, overseeing project management, providing administrative services, and connecting you with our extensive network of contractors and suppliers. Your project will be managed by our skilled team, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

Guaranteeing your project’s success with our legislative expertise                

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your energy efficiency project meets legislative requirements surrounding CAEs. We meticulously track policy changes, handle all application processes, paperwork, and administrative tasks on your behalf, guaranteeing your project's eligibility and success.                

Supporting obligated parties with CAE procurement

Our dedicated team is already working with a vast network of beneficiaries, installers, and project developers in Spain, so we can provide your organization with the volume of CAEs that it needs. We can help you meet your obligation targets towards the National Energy Efficiency Fund through the acquisition of certificates, giving you flexible purchasing and operational planning.   Contact our experts today to discover the difference we can make on your energy efficiency project.