Navigating the Changing Landscape: Insights from the Green Claims Webinar

April 11, 2024


To help organizations traverse the rapidly evolving sustainability landscape, we organized a webinar on the changing landscape of sustainability-related claims that offered key insights into both the complexities and opportunities of making environmental claims and substantiating decarbonization efforts

Led by a team of industry experts, the session delved into the EU Green Claims Directive, a pivotal framework aiming to establish transparent rules for environmental claims and combat misleading advertising. As our Corporate Account Manager and webinar moderator, Chiara Feldberger, aptly noted, "This directive isn't just about compliance; it's a transformative step towards empowering consumers and instilling a culture of accountability and transparency in businesses.”

One of the pivotal themes that emerged from the discussion was the indispensable role of collaboration between legal and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) departments within organizations. Andreas Gunst, Climate Lawyer & Partner at DLA Piper, highlighted the synergy between these departments when he remarked, "Through collaboration, we navigate the legal intricacies of sustainability claims, ensuring they are not only compliant but also meaningful to our sustainability goals.” This strategic approach is crucial for companies striving to balance compliance with innovation in their sustainability narratives.

Legislation’s Impact on Communication and Sustainability Practices

The panelists also discussed the opportunities for growth that organizations can leverage with the upcoming EU Green Claims Directive and other legislation. Markus Pretzl, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Director at TIP Group, shared his perspective, stating, "If you are concerned about unsubstantiated green claims leaving your organization then your focus shouldn’t be on legislation; it should be on how you govern external communications practices.” This emphasizes the proactive approach needed to ensure credibility in sustainability communications, highlighting the importance of governance as a key factor in driving climate action and fostering trust with stakeholders.

Furthermore, the discussion shed light on the evolution of corporate sustainability practices under the influence of regulatory pressures and the demand for transparency. Manuela Rodriguez, Lead Legal Counsel at CerQlar and Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, reflected on the journey of sustainability practices when she mentioned, "We've seen a significant evolution in how we approach sustainability, moving towards more integrated and accountable practices." This evolution marks a shift in how companies perceive sustainability— from a compliance requirement to a strategic imperative that drives value and innovation.

Looking towards the future, the panelists expressed optimism about the impact of regulatory frameworks like the EU Green Claims Directive on enhancing the credibility of sustainability claims. Erbert Willekes, Senior Lecturer, International Finance and Sustainable Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences, envisioned a future where such regulations not only deter greenwashing but also inspire innovation and sustainable development. He stated, “The directive sets the stage for a future where sustainability is not just claimed but deeply integrated into the fabric of our operations and products."


Working Towards Meaningful Sustainability Claims

The panel discussion provided invaluable insights into the EU's efforts to regulate green claims and substantiate decarbonization efforts, highlighting the critical roles of collaboration, innovation, and communication. It underscored the importance of navigating the regulatory landscape with integrity, ensuring that sustainability claims are not only compliant but also meaningful and substantiated. As we move forward, the dialogue between regulation and innovation will continue to shape the sustainability narrative, driving organizations towards more credible, transparent, and impactful sustainability practices.

To dive deeper into these discussions, we invite you to view the full webinar on our YouTube channel. For tailored guidance on substantiating your environmental claims, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at or on our contact page.