Take Positive Steps Toward Net Zero with ACT

Simplify Your Decarbonization Journey

At ACT, we can streamline your path to net zero by helping you navigate the increasing climate demands from your customers, supply chains, investors, and regulators, no matter your business’s size, sector, or location. Leveraging our market expertise and diligent global policy tracking, we’ll help you set, achieve, and exceed your sustainability goals, ensuring compliance, competitiveness, and tangible environmental impact. 

With 15 years of corporate sustainability expertise, a portfolio of 200+ products, and cutting-edge digital solutions—such as carbon accounting, a decarbonization platform, and an automated settlements platform—we’ll ensure you get the results you need on time, every time. 

Calculating, Understanding, Managing, and Disclosing Your Carbon Footprint

Our digital solutions offer you full transparency of emission sources in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s framework. Efficiently set your targets, engage with your suppliers and portfolio companies, and auto-generate ready-to-submit reports for major environmental disclosure organizations like CDP. With an average onboarding time of just 5-7 days, our API-driven platform and special dashboards for supply chain and portfolio company emissions management make climate action accessible and easy for you.

Reducing Your Emissions

Our environmental product portfolio provides you with direct and transparent emissions reductions, supported by all leading industry standard bodies. By switching to Renewable Energy and Biomethane or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), you can significantly lower or eliminate your Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Meeting Your Global Compliance Obligations

We’ll help you understand and efficiently meet complex, ever-shifting environmental regulations at state, national, and international levels. We’ll provide you with relevant and current information on existing and upcoming policies, product suitability, access to global environmental product markets, and optimized procurement strategies tailored to your needs.

Managing Your Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) and Automating Settlements

Our cloud-based platform for International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) can improve and centralize your inventory data, simplify your trade lifecycle management, and automate your settlement processes. Connected to API energy certificate registries, our solution can help you mitigate risk, leverage opportunities, and ensure alignment between inventory and obligations.

Mitigating Your Unreduced Emissions and Making a Meaningful Impact

We can assist you in sourcing carbon credits and co-developing high-impact projects to mitigate your unreduced emissions and support the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals globally. As experienced carbon project developers, we offer comprehensive services to ensure projects with high scientific integrity benefit local communities and the planet. Beyond emissions, we source credits that fund recycling innovations, support sustainable agriculture, environmental clean-ups, and biodiversity preservation.

Through these comprehensive capabilities, we can empower you to meet and exceed your sustainability goals, providing value to your shareholders and stakeholders by driving responsible and impactful business practices.

Act on Your Environmental Ambitions with ACT Today

    • Utilize our market expertise: Our global teams of regional experts specialize across geographies, speak regional languages, and understand their markets completely. 

    • Get the right strategy for your business: We can source sustainability products while mitigating market volatility and budgetary risk in a strategically advantageous procurement structure tailor-made to your needs. 

    • Stay ahead of policies & trends: Our dedicated global R&D teams diligently track all voluntary and compliance framework changes and renewable energy market trends across regional geographies. 

    • Get reliable procurement support: We have the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to handle your procurement administration properly, ensuring certificates are canceled correctly, at the right time, and in every geography. 

    • Leverage our global sourcing network: Our vast network allows us to source sustainability products from a large pool, giving your organization more choices. 

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