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Why is our Energy Efficiency Consulting

We can provide our clients with the best sustainability solutions the market has to offer because we help shape the market.

Our global teams work with different industry groups, including the CDP, IETA, Clean Fuels Program (CFP), and RECs International, as members of boards and consultative bodies in their respective geographies.

We collaborate to create and uphold new standards for GHG reductions as a member of IETA’s Board and Governing Council and work with ICROA to promote their Code of Best Practices in market-based instruments and climate finance. We also mobilize business engagement on carbon pricing, enhance stakeholder knowledge, and improve carbon pricing through a partnership with the CPLC and work to build and scale voluntary carbon markets with the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Additional info

  • Making impact claims

  • Purchasing carbon credits along with your current internal emission reduction efforts allows you to make a range of climate action claims. All these claims are based on guidelines from the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) and Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

  • What we solve

  • Carbon credits and emission allowances help you hit your emissions targets and transform sustainable intentions into action.

  • How we help

  • With an extensive global network and local market expertise at our disposal, we offer a broad range of emissions products, including carbon reduction, neutralization, and removal credits from high-impact climate action projects, and emission allowances to fit your regulatory frameworks.

  • Key facts on products

  • To support local communities and preserve biodiversity in threatened environments, our products help fund impactful initiatives through carbon financing. These projects leverage technologies including wind turbines, photovoltaic installations, hydropower plants, improved cookstoves for family use, water filtration systems, forest protection initiatives (REDD+), afforestation initiatives, and more.

  • Product quality

  • We exclusively source our voluntary action carbon products from Standards approved by the International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA).

  • Impact

  • Carbon credits are generated by high-impact projects all over the world. These projects reduce, avoid, and remove emissions while protecting valuable ecosystems and supporting local communities living in project areas. Many of these co-benefits are linked to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to ensure a better future for communities and ecosystems across the planet.