Power Purchase Agreements 

We can help your organization source renewable energy in the long term by designing and executing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to effectively hit its renewable energy targets.

Sourcing renewable energy with PPAs and ACT     

Through a PPA, your organization can reduce its Scope 2 emissions and source and claim 100% renewable energy usage through a long-term contract. We can negotiate an advantageous contract between you and a supplier in our vast network that can provide you with the volumes you require in the correct geography using your desired technology. Our experts also have the experience and infrastructure to handle all the complex administrative paperwork on your behalf.     

Why source renewable energy via PPAs?     

Sourcing renewable energy via PPAs is supported by leading standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CDP, and they can be used to hit your RE100 and SBTi targets. Specifically, PPAs are an advantageous way to source renewable energy if your organization demands substantial energy consumption in one location. Our experts can help you structure and execute a PPA with a predetermined period at a fixed price to give you long-term budgetary visibility, supply assurances, and energy source transparency.       

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Executing a PPA with ACT

Our experienced PPA experts have a vast global network of suppliers and the administrative capacity to help your organization execute a PPA effectively and efficiently. Our PPA services are designed to mitigate risk, are fully compliant with global best-practice industry standards, and can be tailor-made to meet various compliance standards and your unique consumption profile and renewable energy goals.  

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